Walls and stairs of stone and wood
Reclaim and retain – that’s what landscape walls are all about.  Whether you have a hillside or raised area that needs retaining, or want to flatten out your landscape to make it more usable, walls are a durable structural element in the landscape that modify the flow of the land.

If your yard is on a steep slope, retaining walls can help flatten things out and create usable space.  Instead of a long slope, you can have one or more flat terraces supported by sturdy walls.  Suddenly, that steep yard that you have always dreaded becomes full of possibilities!

Walls can also be used to create depth in the landscape, and can be the foundation for raised planters and vegetable beds.  Walls can also stand alone to delineate areas or provide a sitting area.  There are many applications for walls in a landscape, and we are highly experienced in their construction!

Stairs are also a vertical structural element in the landscape that we have lots of experience with.  Whether you want to make a sloped area more accessible or complement a wall, there are many options and materials available to fit your needs.

Let us know how we can help you with your next wall or stairs project!  You can make a dramatic difference with just a few affordable additions to your landscape.

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