John Darby Landscape, Inc. - Installing Pavers and Walkways in the Portland-Metro Area since 1994.

Patios and Walkways are a strong structural element in the landscape that provide outdoor living space as well as access.  We have a number of materials available to work with, from basic gravel to concrete to pavers.  Most of our work is done with natural stone and high-quality engineered pavers, which complement the landscape and blend in.  Regardless of the application, we can custom-tailor a solution that is functional, looks great, and fits your landscape and budget.

Stone and concrete are durable elements in the landscape.  Unlike plants which grow and change over the years, patios and walkways remain consistent and provide a structural “backbone” that both connects the landscape and defines it.  Installing a patio or walkway can dramatically open up your landscape and present new opportunities for enjoyment and recreation.

Some of our patio and walkway options include:

  • Concrete, paver, or flagstone patios –  Extend your living space into your landscape!
  • Concrete, paver, flagstone, or brick walkways – Bring more of your landscape into view and enhance access!
  • Gravel walkways – A classic, but still highly functional and durable.  We offer several options such as 1/4 minus gravel and decomposed granite – there are a number of different colors and textures available!
  • Permeable Pavers – An eco-friendly alternative to traditional non-permeable pavers that reduces runoff and keeps more water on-site.
  • Paver driveways – Whether looking for a lightweight solution or something that can really take some weight, we can build it!

Ask us about our patio and walkway installation services.  We can design the perfect solution for your landscape, and you can rest assured that your project is being handled by a team of professionals with exceptional experience.


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