Light up your landscape with John Darby Landscape!

Outdoor lighting adds an extra dimension to the landscape and allows for enjoyment of outdoor living areas even after the sun has gone down.  Many landscapes go without this important feature or implement basic systems that simply don’t provide the functionality or presence of a professionally installed system.  John Darby Landscape, Inc. has years of experience installing quality outdoor lighting systems that will enhance any landscape.

Forget what you may know about outdoor lighting, because our systems are worlds beyond the cheap lighting kits sold at the big box stores.  You won’t find cheap plastic housings, wobbly supports, or dim bulbs in our systems.  We use high quality parts and fixtures from Kichler and Nightscape that are built to last.  Our lighting doesn’t just create light, it illuminates.

We are proud to offer high efficiency LED bulbs in our lighting systems.  LED bulbs provide the same level of illumination as traditional bulbs, but at a cost savings of at least 75-80% over the life of a fixture.  We have many lighting options available, and will find the perfect fixtures for your application.

Some ideas for outdoor lighting applications include:

  • Security Illumination
  • Water Feature Illumination – Submerged and External
  • Tree and Shrub Lighting
  • Walkway and Patio Illumination
  • Wall and Stair Lights

Whether you are looking to install a new system, upgrade an existing system, or simply repair a fixture or two, we can help!

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured - LCB# 7110