Tigard – April 2014

Here is another backyard transformation.  We turned this yard from a sloped nightmare into a level, usable space.  After removing several truckloads of soil to bring the grade down to a reasonable level, we constructed a sturdy stone retaining wall to create a level landing for the yard and patio.

We then constructed a set of stone stairs that allow access to the new yard from the house.  The stone stairs lead down to a beautiful paver patio, which is bordered by a lush new lawn.  To complete the project, we planted arborvitae around the perimeter to provide privacy and greenery.  And of course, we installed an efficient irrigation system for the lawn and shrubs using quality Rain Bird parts.

Although we are finished with our part, there is still so much future potential in this “new” yard.  We created the solid foundation, and now the homeowner has lots of new options for planting and other landscape enhancements!

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