Lake Oswego – October 2013

This project involved lots of gorgeous new plants, an irrigation system upgrade, a lawn facelift, boulders, beautiful containers, flagstone walkways, and an impressive amount of drainage work.  The original landscape at this home was fairly basic and lackluster, and had been left unfinished in some places.  Coupled with drainage problems that were causing erosion and an inefficient irrigation system that liked to spray water everywhere, it was definitely time for a change!

The first thing we did was to fix the drainage issue.  We installed a few hundred feet of river rock drain to collect and channel the water, which quickly fixed the erosion problem and made the yard quite a bit easier to work with.  We removed an existing back lawn and replaced it with new sod, which was reshaped to better fit the yard.  Then we brought in a truckload of incredible plants to fill in the blank canvas and give the new landscape substance.  Be sure to take a look at the picture of the Coral Bark Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Sango kaku’), which is in full fall color right now and is absolutely stunning!

The new landscape was finished off with some strategically placed boulders and a pair of flagstone walkways.  We installed two birdbath column rocks, which look awesome in their new home.  To top it all off, we retrofitted the inefficient planting bed spray irrigation with super efficient pressure-regulated Rain Bird Xeribug™ emitters that use only a fraction of the water as the old system.

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